Spiritual leadership in life

June 29, 2011

The turnout of the event last night at the West Portal Book shop was great. It was inspiring to me to see so many interested people and I was especially happy to see my San Francisco fan base.

I had prepared a 30 minute presentation and I was glad that everyone participated so nicely.  I spoke to many people I didn’t know and were inspired by “To Drink the Wild Air”. Thank you to the WNBA who gave me the chance to participate and thanks for colleague writer and friend Teresa LeYung Ryan whose support and expertise was indispensible.

Here are some picture from the evening.  Pictures capturing the essence of the moment, capturing the interaction and enthusiasm shared with me , pictures of all the happy faces looking at me while I was speaking about my adventures and thoughts in life.

It was great!!  Thank you for being there.

Introduction of the authors by the book store owner Neal Sofman

” To Drink the Wild Air”  San Francisco fan club !!!!

                                                                                                                  The presentation

Puzzled ????????????????

Teresa LeYung Ryan and  Birgit Wild Air

Wet Portal Book Shop


Two Wheel Rhapsody

May 30, 2011

Since last week’s ride two wheels definitely have gained more importance again. But nothing else has happened ever since except the prep work of more book readings and a Group Book Launch party. Both events will be scheduled in June.

The collective Book Launch party is organized by the San Francisco Writers Community I had joined in December of 2009 to find out what it takes to write and publish a book and to get an understanding of promoting and market a book. I met many likeminded people and we are all on the journey together. This journey is exciting in its own way and deserves an evening of fun.

Saturday, June 18 at Café Royale, 800 Post Street @ Leavenworth, San Francisco  7 PM

The second event will be my first book introduction in a book store.  I am looking forward to this one since I have never done  a reading in a book store. I am sharing this evening with well established authors. I am looking forward to an exciting evening. This is a public event.

Tuesday, June 28 at Book Shop West Portal, 80 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco                                          7:00-9:00 PM

However – there is a lot more in the pipeline in terms of meeting new people, creating new opportunities, discussing and evaluating possibilities. The beauty is that the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned. There will be more. One thing at the time.

Post launch-party

May 16, 2011

Post launch-party. I took a breather and I was distracted by other issues like the Bird Hotel and the challenge to attract more feathered guests with effective Marketing. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Post launch-party. My efforts to re-connect with the local biker scene took shape and I had a good start with this venture  at the the open house event at Scuderia West in April. Through people I have met there I ended up yesterday at the female riders appreciation day at the BMW Motorrad dealership in San Francisco. In the past never a true BMW fan now I was impressed by the new BMW bikes.  The temptation to sit on one of them and to ride was great. The way things shape up I not only re-connect with the crowd itself but also might get the chance to taste the slick new combustion engine technology. These new BMW bikes are hot – to say the least.

Post launch-party. The most important thing in development though is that there will be another book reading/signing event at the West Portal Book shop on June 28 2011 at 7PM.  This will be a short presentation but a good opportunity for all the people who missed the actual launch party. More details about the event once the date comes closer.

Book Shop West Portal

And so my New Life remains unpredictable and exciting. I never know what a new day will bring until it happens and the situation brings new challenges, decisions and situations which have to be adapted according to current circumstances. New Life also can be exhausting – but I embrace it every day and go with the flow.