Dream Factory

November 20, 2011

Ahhhh  … isn’t it nice to stroll down the aisles of a  motorcycle show once in a while to help me realize that the bike I am actually riding is already news from yesteryear… and that just a view hours of indulging in the dream factory of the bike manufacturers made me want to buy a brand new shiny, state of the art sports motorcycle, and a beautiful pink girly helmet or even some slick race leathers. But instead I only got myself the bare necessity which was a pair of winter gloves I needed desperately in order to survive the wet and stormy San Francisco winter month (on my bike).  So – at least I did send my hands to a warm summer vacation to Cancun with those beautiful new gloves.

Motorcycle shows are not only there to watch the newest bikes and trends but also to meet people (in person) to chat a bit and to be inspired. And so I finally met two ladies in person I only knew by E-mail or via Facebook.

Liz Jansen from Canada, author of the book “Women, Motorcycles and the Road of Empowerment” – Fifty inspiring Stories of Adventure and Self-Discovery                     http://lizjansen.com/

and  Carla King a well known San Francisco author of the book “American Borders- a solo circumnavigation on a Russian sidecar Motorcycle.    http://carlaking.typepad.com

I am always intrigued by all the women adventurers of this world and their drive to break these artificial boundaries that motorcycles are just a “guy” thing. I myself still feel my racer blood pumping in my veins but I wouldn’t mind to jump on a beautiful tricked out dual purpose bike to circumnavigate the world. Well, life is still young and this is only the start. I just have to concentrate on other things right now but the world will always be there to be explored.