Self employment and the mobile office

June 12, 2012

My apologies for not having been more present here since my last entry on May 13  where I did a shout out to get more Amazon reviews. I am happy to see that some people took the time and effort to put down their opinions which is highly appreciated and useful.

The main reason for my silence over the last four weeks was that I became very busy, if not to use the term “over extended” with my business venture, which in the meantime has developed into a full-time job. The main reason why time is an issue these days is that my mental creation and the visions I had during the disastrous stage of being mentally burned out during the year 2007 took shape and form and now in 2012, five years later, one morning I woke up and realized that I have a business to run. Before, my business was a hobby, something I did on the side, something I was able to squeeze in whenever I had time, something which produced a fair amount of pocket-money  but now it has grown into a true small business with all its perks, problems and day-to-day routine. And, there are a lot of day-to-day responsibilities to keep everything up and running and so I can proudly call myself the “Allrounder” covering activities from the highest management level to the lowest janitorial duties. I love it.

Basically now I have what I was dreaming about a long time before I had the guts to take a hike from the corporate world and venture out on my own. Times are still not secure and self-employment is a very fragile undertaking and cumbersome thing, time intensive, mind-boggling and at times stressful.  I wonder how all this will develop further in the course of this year.

The freedom in self-employment is priceless but it also takes a lot of self-discipline and responsibility.

In order to make the most of it with all other activities I am involved in I have created my mobile office. In other words – integration of work and fun whenever possible. Correspondence is mobile, supervision can be mobile, telephone calls can be taken wherever there is reception.  A smart phone is the most important tool in the tool box of the self employed.I can spread my electronics on a rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on a stretch of green grass looking at a lake, sitting in a street Café  or sipping wine in wine country. The ever-present mobile office just makes it more interesting to be in business on your own.

Everything has evolved over the last five years and has developed accordingly, and  now I am at the point where I have to manage my time more effectively. Once again it takes thought, strategy and execution and every step I take today can materialize tomorrow and can create more opportunities in the future. Having said all this, I definitely will continue to give updates in the blog but most probably they will be more sporadic going forward.

Here are some impression of my first mobile office when Highway 1 called for a beautiful ride over memorial day weekend.