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On August 29 2011 Birgit Soyka was a guest with Sacramento and Company morning show talking to hosts Guy Farris and Jodie Moreno. 

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“To Drink the Wild Air” 

by Cynthia Butler 

Pursuing what you want in life and actualizing dreams can mean taking chances, throwing caution to the wind and just going for it!

Author Birgit Soyka was racing motorcycles as a twenty-something in her native germany, when she slapped on the golden handcuffs and took a corporate job in the US. Realizing that she has lost her sense of spirit and zest for life, Birgit reclaimed her self and through a journey of wild adventures and experiences began to live again and become the person that she knew she could be.

Birgit writes about her life in her new memoir, “To Drink the Wild Air: A Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon.” Birgit talks about her life with hosts Guy Farris and Jodie Moreno. To read more about Birgit or to purchase her book go to

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